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- Added Arena Battle on X1000
+ Added VIP System on both server
  - Increased Experience
  - Acess to Arena Map
  - 10% bonus on all credit purchases!
  - Increass on Chaos Machine Rate
- Increased seal performance [You will need to update the Launcher to get the changes!]
- Added Coupom system on X1000
- Launcher clean! A new full patch will be made available to users who do not connect for a long time!
- New item on Moss Merchant
- Talismã Ascencion I and II removed from XSHOP on both servers! (Does not fulfill the purpose!)
- Moss more item added
- Applied various fixes on the X1000 server.

Maintenance date: 10. APRIL [13:00H GMT-3]
Maintenance duration: 5 Min

Posted09 / 04 / 2019Byadmin

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