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Tomorrow our server will receive a new update.

- Buff on Awakening and Blue Eyes sets
- Internal corrections in the DROP system.
- Increase of Ruud obtained in actions of the game: Medals, Boss and events.
- Several internal optimizations and leveling
- Fix on Rebuild (Command enabled)
- Jewels drop removed on Silver Medal, Gold Medal, Star Of Christmas, Heart Of Love (Now, only Ruud! HOT)
- General Boss Ruud Drop increassed
- Individual Jewel Drop increassed (Raised to compensate for jewelry removal from medals, heart and star)
- Ruud Box amount increased

Players who have purchased Black Scroll will automatically receive the value of the returned item!

The system will automatically remove the item and refund it.

Posted13 / 03 / 2019Byadmin

Currently this is only one server.