Update 1.0.2:

[!] Fixed Blue Eye Grow Lancer Weapon
[!] Fixed missing skill tree points
[!] Fixed not working CTRL+Z with selection of mount items
[!] Fixed rush skill issue while ridding a mount pet
[!] Fixed combo skill issue while ridding a mount pet
[!] Fixed inability to heal Ghost Horse with Jewel of Bless
[!] Fixed Guardian Elite Opt Change Piece overlap issue
[!] Fixed a conflict of Disconnect with Close option and Reconnect System
[!] Fixed a 4th tere stun debuff issue
[!] Fixed trash text while mouse over Zen and Ruud
[!] Fixed Elemental Rune is not stacking automatically while purchasing from store
[!] Fixed selection of Rune Wizard skills animation/damage issue while in use in Offline Levelling plugin
[!] Fixed a special scenario of after-reset spawn location issue for Elf character
[!] Fixed combo damage does not cause damage in certain scenario
[!] Fixed socket item upgrade may result in in producing socket item without single empty slot
[!] Fixed disappearance of entire TOCA stack after successful item enhancement
[!] Fixed not visible set options on selected ancient items
[!] Fixed random issue where it was not possible to create selected character class
[!] Fixed misfunction of /hide command
[!] Fixed disconnect issue when attacking with selected skill types from long distance
[!] Fixed misfunction of Talisman of Luck durability when used in Chaos Combination
[!] Fixed selection of not working 4th wings options
[!] Fixed animation issue for selection of skills while in offline levelling mode
[!] Fixed inability to cancel selection of buffs
[!] Fixed occassional HP issue in specified scenario of MU Helper use
[!] Fixed a conflict between Zyro and Marlon NPCs may spawn in same place at same time
[!] Fixed Elemental Talisman of Chaos does not disappear after mix completion
[!] Fixed mounts visual issues after using teleport or summon
[!] Fixed inability to repair Wings of Power
[!] Fixed delay issue for selection of skills
[!] Fixed an issue where monsters did not take damage if attacker did not change his position
[!] Fixed Spirit Stone Chaos Combination issues
[!] Fixed Ghost Horse not working attack speed increase option
[!] Fixed earrings mastery increase excellent/critical damage options functionality
[!] Fixed Ghost Horse tooltip name


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      Currently this is only one server.