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NEWS HARD SERVER WITH MAX 10 RESETS! OPENING 20 SEPTEMBER! NEWS - - New Items - Blue Aye Kit! NEWS - - 4th Evolution - Grand Rune Wizard NEWS - - Get more EXPERIENCE and FAST RESET! NEWS - - New MAP - Kubera Mine - Hunting Zone

Be part of the XMU Online Project X30 No Rebirth!
On May 18 we will begin our new world "HARD NO REBIRTH". It is a dynamic game style with thousands of goals.
What are you waiting for? Join us and stand out on our server.
Our server is Season 14 and has the Rune Wizard class, and all other classes will be available in level 1!
# Season 14 with UNIQUE and EPIC features!
[UTC +2, 15.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 20.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 10.00-Argentina]
Or check on web countdown!
# Our server has exclusive systems, we have capacity for 5.000 active players simultaneously, unique events, innovative game style, extraordinary invasion system.
# Basic Infos:
Version: Season 14 EP1
Reset: No Reset
Experience Normal: X30
Experience Master: X20
Experience Majestic: X15
Maxium level: 1100
Max option: +16
Soul + luck 100%, Without 75%
Life: 70%
Spots in All Maps (Normal and HOT Spots)
Party exp: Extra experience 
Jewels: Season 14 new system of stack / unpack jewels!
Post System: Cost 2m zen, require level 100.
All characters available on Level 1 (Rune Wizard HOT).
Invasion / Boss Schedule on guides page [X30] Tag!
Launcher with Auto Update - Open your launcher to get the latest updates
More infos on website!

Opening event:
Share this post (Click here) on your timeline, make it public, join the page (like) and tag 3 friends to get freebies!
Reward: 300 XCoins (Paid Coin

Posted15 / 05 / 2019Byadmin

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