Season 15-1 (Update 1-2-3)

1. Summoner Renew:

- Pollution, Explosion, Requiem are not Book's skills anymore. 
Now, they drop/sell in shop for Goblin Points.

- New Skill Darkness
*can be actived only when the Summoner uses a Book

- New Skill DeathSide
*can be actived only when the Summoner uses a Book.
*can be actived only when the Summoner are using the Darkness' Buff.

2. New Weapons:

- New Blue Eye Weapons for All Class (included Slayer).

3. New Sets:

- New SilverHeart Sets (included Slayer)
*The Slayer's SilverHeart Equipment is one xMU Orignal, other servers does not have it.

4. New Character Slayer:

- This Character uses DarkKnight's Level1~2~2.5 Wings.

- MuOnline Season15 Slayer Weapons: Flat SS, Dacia SS, Cookery SS, Paring SS (Socket), Novakura SS (Socket), Archangel, Absolut Archangel, Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel, AwakeSoul, BlueEye

- MuOnline Season15 Slayer Sets: Slayer Red Wing, Slayer Set, Slayer Demonic, NightWind, Fidelity (Socket), Trace (Socket), Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel, AwakeSoul, BlueEye, SilverHeart

- MuOnline Season15 Slayer Wings Level3 and Level4: Wings of Silence, Wings of Condemnation

- MuOnline Season15 Slayer Skills: Sword Inertia Bead, Bat Flock Bead, Detection Bead, Pierce Attack Bead (Ruud), Demolish Bead (Ruud)

- MuOnline Season15 Slayer PET: When the Character are created, receive the 'Special Grain', this Egg give the 'Desmodus' Muun PET

5. New Ghost Horse: Mount

-> New Ghost Horse MuOnline Season15 Creation Tutorial:
- Seal of Ghost Horse
- x5 Jewel of Bless
- x10 Sculpture

-> Ghost Horse Update:
- Ghost Horse
- Guardian Enhanced (level0~10)
- Elite Guardian Enhanced (level11~15)

Posted 06 / 02 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.