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About Rune Wizard

New Character Rune Wizard Update


â–  Character background setting Rune Wizard Class Story

Runic Wizard is a half-elf who was born among the noblemen of the Aristocrat's Arka and the elves of the wolf's altar.

Those who had children and taboos that were taboo in the Mu empire left the mu empire

I leave to the village of Iria, half-elf village, and live peacefully.

However, the Lemurian corps, who does not leave life in place by the rune wizard as an adult

I went through the  Irie village to defend the town,

Villagers from the Arka and Fairy  fight with the Lemurian army, but they can not defeat the elite army.

The rune wizard's father and mother lose their lives in the battle. The rune wizard goes to Noria for revenge.




â–  Rune Wizard Character Information

1. Start Village - Noria Village

1) The rune wizard will start at Noria Village when first accessing.

2) You can nurture characters by hunting, tutorial quests, and guide quests in Noria Village.


2. Rune Wizard former name

Former status

Class name according to former occupation

Default state

Rune Wizard

Rune Wizard

2nd shift

Runespell Master

Rune Spell Master

Third shift

Grand Runmaster

Grand Rune Master


3. Rune Wizard Basic Ability Information

1) Character start resource and stat information

















- The resources of rune spells can be enhanced through character stats and items.

- Character's stats can be strengthened through level up and acquisition of stats points and items.


4. Rune Wizard's play type

1) A magical offensive class that uses magic stats to attack and attack enemies.

2) At the same time, use two or more magic skills to attack enemies with high damage over a wide range.


5. Rune Wizard Set Party Composition

1) The Runic Wizard character will form a set party with the Testimony and the Black Knight.


6. Rune Wizard Former quest setting

1) 1st job transfer - If you are above 150th level, you can advance 1st job quest.

Posted 23 / 03 / 2019

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